The Best ITEC Beauty Questions


For those of you who are looking to start a career in the Beauty Therapy Industry, ITEC offer a Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy. The following are just some of the subjects covered in this Diploma:

Anatomy & Physiology
Skin & Eye Treatments
Nail Technology (to include Manicure & Pedicure)
Make Up
Facial Electrical

Exams are broken down between practical and theory. The theory exams are in multiple choice format, there are 50 questions to answer on each paper. Here are some sample questions;

1. Cuticles adhering to the nail plate causes;
a) Splitting of the cuticle – Answer
b) Onychocryptosis
c) Brittle nails
d) Onychauxis

2. When would you use desincrustation during a facial?
a) After the face mask
b) After cleansing – Answer
c) At the end
d) Before cleansing

3. Lack of muscle tone is common on which skin type?
a) Mature – Answer
b) Dry
c) Oily
d) Young

4. What is the thickest layer of hair?
a) Medulla
b) Cortex – Answer
c) Cuticle
d) Pigment

5. Which skin type would you use a calamine clay ingredient?
a) Congested
b) Dry
c) Dehydrated
d) Sensitive – Answer

There are a lot of areas to cover and therefore a lot of information to learn. It is vital to have a study guide to help you with your exams. The best ITEC Beauty Questions are multiple choice questions. Therefore having a bank of exam questions in this format is the best way to learn this tough subject.

If you break each subject down, so for example, take Skin Treatments. Write out your multiple choice revision questions on a record card, learn about 10 questions each day and then test yourself at the end of that month. It is a great way to learn and you’d be amazed at the amount of information you take in. This is ideal to do when you are commuting to and from college or work, always have your record cards with you.