Facial Exercises For Cheeks


The muscle associated with your cheeks is known as the Zygomatic Arch, through the two exercises detailed in this article you can tone, strengthen and lose fat from your cheeks.

Facial Exercises For Cheeks #1 “The Blowfish”

The first facial exercise for cheeks is known as “the Blowfish” The Blowfish works to reduce the fat and puffiness in your cheeks. It smooths them to form lean angles by highlighting the Zygomatic arch. This exercise for face muscle also help to bring out out and define your cheekbones.

Step 1 – Fill your left cheek with air to it’s maximum capacity. Open the left corner of your mouth and use the muscles of your left cheek to push the air out, exerting as much force outwardly as you can.

Step 2 – Now switch sides and repeat with the right side of your face.

Facial Exercises For Cheeks #2 The Cheek Flattener

This is a very comprehensive facial exercise as it works your both the Orbicularis Oris muscle located around your eyes and the Modiolus muscle ob either sides of your lips as well as working your Zygomatic Arch muscle above your cheek bones. (do not worry about these names as you only need to know the exercises). The cheek flattener may take a while to get use to, but its the quickest way to get rid of cheek fat.

Step 1 – Close your mouth and blow air under your top lip, puffing it out hold for ten seconds.

Step 2 – Move the air to your left cheek, hold for ten seconds

Step 3 – Repeat for the right cheek and hold for ten seconds

Step 4 – Repeat this entire routine ten times.

Muscle Contraction

By doing these facial exercises for cheeks, which is taken from a proper face exercise program your muscles can become contracted and thus your facial skin will also contract, giving you a nice smoothing skin surface, which also reduces wrinkles.

How Is Fat Reduced By Cheek Exercises?

Most of the time, if fat is stored in your face, your cheek area is the first part of your face the fat will be stored through your calorie intake, the other is below your chin. You may have known that targeting a specific area to lose fat is impossible, this is true, however; you would also have known that muscle is very good at burning calories. For people who have a fat face but a skinny body, this means that the fat from their calorie intake is stored in their face before anywhere else. By strengthening and toning your face muscles, through facial exercises for cheeks and chin, this will reduce the the fat that is stored in your face, because the muscle burns calories really well.


Facial Exercises for Your Forehead, Eyes, and Lips


My previous article discussed the importance and effectiveness of facial exercises. Today, I will be showing you three facial exercises that will help you slow down the effects of aging. Keep in mind that facial exercises are done part by part in order to achieve the best results. In order to make this article brief and concise, I will be showing three facial exercises.

1.) Forehead – firm forehead will definitely enhance the way we look, and by doing facial workout focused on your forehead, you can keep it looking firm. You can do this exercise by placing both your index fingers above your eyes. While you are raising your eyebrow, keep pulling your eyes down. You can do this exercise everyday and repetitions can be done as much as you want.

2.) Eyes and Eyebrows – close your eyes and relax, and slowly move your eyes up and down. You can repeat this exercise for fifteen times or as much as you want. Now for your eyebrow exercise, sit straight, close your eyes and relax. Slowly lift your eyebrows while stretching your eyelids in order to keep your eyes closed.

3.) Lips – before doing this exercise, make sure that you have clean hands and that your fingers are clean. As soon as you finished cleaning your fingers, suck them as hard as possible, and remove them slowly from your lips while sucking. Repeat this exercise for at least 15 times in order to make your lips more firm, sexy, and attractive.

There are other facial exercises that should be done in order to slow down the effects of aging. You can look for my other articles regarding face exercises for more stretching and exercises. Always remember that these exercises cannot guarantee any improvements easily, but since they are free, easy to do, and nothing to lose, why not try it and see what these exercises can do for you.


Improve Your Facial Contours With Facial Exercises


Do you believe that only surgery can improve your facial appearance? Think again. Surgery is not a surefire way to look better.

Surgical face lifts turn really ugly not only when the client ends up looking worse and not better after surgery. Scarring, bruising, swelling, bleeding, the risk of getting an infection and a strong reaction to anesthetics are just some of the more common side effects and risks. The worse ones include heart attack, pneumonia, nerve damage, stroke and blood clotting, most of which can lead to death.

Surgeries gone wrong are also well documented. The problem is that surgeons will only show you before and after photos of successful face lifts. Not all surgeons are equally talented and skilled. To save their reputation they will not tell you stories about their dissatisfied clients. They will talk to you only about those who were pleased with the results and did not suffer serious side effects.

For some people and medical and beauty experts, facial exercises don’t work, basing their opinion on the mere fact that they’ve never tried them and don’t intend to try them for themselves. Face exercises do build facial exercises muscles that will dramatically change the contours of your face. Just search the net for testimonials, or better yet, try them for yourself.

If you devote enough time to do face exercises each day you will be more than satisfied with the results you’ll get in 2 to 4 weeks.

There are many face exercise programs out there but not all of them are created equally. Chose one that will not just teach you well designed face exercises but will provide you a holistic approach in treating specific face problems such as healthy diet and lifestyle tips.

Before you start following your facial exercise program take two snapshots of yourself, a close-up shot and a profile. You have to do this because looking in the mirror everyday may prevent you from noticing the changes taking place.

Take two new photos after two weeks and compare them with your ‘before’ photos. You will be impressed with the changes you’re going to see. Now you have proof that exercises for the face do work!