Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?


Stem Cell Therapy or treatment is now a household term. Many people are already open to the idea of going in to this treatment.

We hear this term commonly used by doctors and specialty clinics that offer beauty enhancement and aesthetic services. You can even see beauty soaps, facial creams, body lotions, and the like which claim to have this renewing agents in them.

Many years ago, people would fear procedures like breast augmentation, implant placement or liposuction. It is normal for people to have second thoughts or even fear what they are not familiar with, especially uncommon surgical procedures. But when many celebrities and politicians took the risk and had successful and excellent results, the bandwagon effect began. The same is true with the advent of Stem Cell Therapy. The more the media buzzed about it, the more people wanted to try out the procedure. So many people around the world are now looking in to this for the renewal of their youth.

The question is, is it safe?

You have to understand first that this is not a “cure-all” remedy – unfortunately it is not. According to Filipino-American doctor-lawyer, Samuel Bernal, “The goal of this therapy is not a longevity-anti-aging program. This therapy is actually trying to allow the body to heal itself”. In other words, this treatment will help you reach your cosmetic or health goal faster than when you just allow your own body to do its work.

He also emphasized, “Be careful, especially with any service that offers embryonic stem cells from aborted fetus, or genetically altered sources, and most especially from animal cells”.

This answers the alleged death of the 3 politicians who underwent such therapy utilizing stem cells from sheeps, rabbits and other animals.

If you are to choose a clinic for this procedure make sure they use autologous process. This means that the stem cells used come from your own blood. It involves injecting the patient’s own concentrated photo-activated PRP directly in to an area requiring rejuvenation.

So is it safe? Yes, very safe!

To add to your confidence, make sure that the medical team in that clinic is comprised of professional, highly competent, and extensively trained medical experts and that all procedures are performed by a well-respected team, composed of Board Certified specialists, and supprted by a team of registered nurses who are trained, experienced, and committed to provide high quality and SAFE SERVICE.